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Why a new coin catalogue on South African coins:

  • research based - rectifying some glaring historical errors in current and past South African coin catalogues (see links above)
  • includes brief historical backgrounds on interesting or lesser known coins
  • for the beginner, explains the parts of a coin and how to grade your coins
  • includes valuations based on recent auctions on all South African coins and patterns in all grades up to the year 2000
  • explains the nature of pattern coins
  • explains the abbreviations used in coin catalogues
  • the layout includes easy to use valuation tables on all coins
  • the catalogue has a modern presentation - and is in colour
What are the major corrections made in this catalogue:

  • exclusion of the Griquatown tokens as they never circulated nor ever used as money in South Africa. They have no numismatic value.
  • inclusion of the Strachan and Co currency tokens which circulated as currency (largely among the indigenous population) for nearly 60 years in the region around East Griqualand
  • correction in the number of Veld Ponds actually minted - much less than previously claimed
Where can I buy this new catalogue:

  • Seach on Morgan the Brave or Coin Catalogue on Bid or Buy or contact us by email - link above.


Soon after Morgan's new coin catalogue was released a coin dealer in Cape Town challenged the research of Scott Balson who first exposed the Griquatown token issue. You can download the challenge and Scott Balson's response to it here. The response demonstrates clearly that the acceptance of Scott Balson's findings by Morgan are correct. (Balson's findings have been accepted by Spink, Stanley Gobbons and the world coin catalogue publisher Krause - who now recognises the Griquatown tokens are nothing more than fantasy coins. (ie not one Griquatown token ever circulated as money)

For those who want a brief summary of the evidence that not one Griquatown token ever circulated - take this link

For those who want a brief summary of the evidence that the Strachan and Co tokens circualted widely from the mid 1870s circulated - take this link

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